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We would love to hear your Foreverhome success stories. This will be your page. Send us your story and a picture or two of your forever friend and we will post it here. Send all stories and pictures to Success Stories.


  • My name is Benny. I was born in the backyard of my Foreverhome family. They took me in when I was very sick. With the help of the folks from Foreverhome, my new family was able to help me and my siblings get healthy. All of my siblings went on to their own foreverhomes, but I got to stay here. As you can see, I have grown up to be a very handsome boy. Now I spend my days playing with my “sisters.” My new dads were so happy with their new friends at Foreverhome that they now help out whenever they can. They have even brought a couple of foster kids home for me to play with. I am always sure to tell them about how much they will be loved by their new foreverhomes.

benny then

benny now


  • I live with a whirlwind named Ozzie. After my beloved cat Kozmo passed away last year, I decided that my remaining cat, Bayley, needed company. I visited rescue organizations and shelters, looking for “my cat”. Someone from Foreverhome mentioned that they had some Maine Coon kittens that were up for adoption. The foster fathers (thank you Steve and Stephen!) had me over to show me their racing bundles of joy. Ozzie and his sibling were just streaks and then bumps hiding behind the curtains. Ozzie finally allowed me to hold him and just one look at that beautiful face and bushy tail made the decision easy. He came home with me and although having a swirling vortex of a kitten has been an adjustment (for me and Bayley), he has squirmed his way into my heart and now he has his foreverhome!


    Christine and Ozzie
    Christine and Ozzie
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