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Angel was rescued from the Pacific Coast campus of Long Beach City College as a newborn. Her ForeverHome foster mom bottle fed her and helped her grow in to an active ball of fur. Brayton and Wayne met her today and it was love at first sight. The guys were excited to become her new Foreverhome dads. They even gave her a new forever name…Sunday. Even though she was a bit camera shy at the adoption center, she didn’t seem to mind once she got home.

Wyane Brayton and Angel (Sunday)


Tiki was rescued from the wheel well of a car by a passing guardian angel. Not wanting to see him left at a shelter where his future would be short-lived, she turned him over to a Foreverhome volunteer. Today, after several months with his Foreverhome foster family, Tiki met his new Foreverhome dad Paul. The guys look great together and early reports are Tiki is adjusting to his new home well.

Paul and Tiki

Oliver and his siblings were rescued from a local mobile home park. After spending time with his Foreverhome volunteer foster mom, Oliver met his new Foreverhome family. Here’s Oliver with his happy new mom Cierra.

Cierra and Oliver

Snowshoe kitty Toby met his new mom Glenna. Glenna found Toby on the Foreverhome website and drove all the way from Mission Viejo to adopt her new forever friend. Toby is sure to keep Glenna busy as he loves to be under foot. Here’s the happy pair.

UPDATE: Glenna reports that Toby made the transition well and that she gave him a new name…Taz.

Glenna and Toby2


Ashely and Jared made the connection with their new forever friend. The new happy parents felt that “Preston” was really more of a “Presley” so this loving little guy started his new adventure with a new name as well. Could this family look any happier?

Jared Ashley and Peyton



Aspen started life in an auto repair shop. Her and her siblings were rescued by a Foreverhome volunteer. After meeting Aspen, Christine and Dave knew this little “motor kitty” was a perfect addition to their home. Along with a new home, Aspen will be getting a new name as soon as her new family picks just the right one. Here’s the new family.


After being found under a house, “Ashley” spent the next few months in the care of her Foreverhome foster volunteer. After meeting her, Annette decided she needed a new Foreverhome to call her own. With a quick name change to “Sassy” she left in the arms of her new mom. Somebody looks pretty happy!

Annette and Ashley


Rescued from the engine compartment of a car, orange tabby Dylan started life out on a rough road. After being rescued and given to a Foreverhome foster home, Dylan thrived and was a great foster “brother” to a few other rescued kittens. Today Dylan went to his foreverhome with new dad Eric. Here’s the new happy family before leaving on their new adventure.


Nine week old Tina found her Foreverhome today. After seeing her on PetFinder.com, Michael and Christina drove all the way from San Diego to meet Tina. It was love at first sight. Tina is going home to meet her new brother, a 14 week old Russian Blue. Here’s the new happy family as they were leaving PetCo for their new adventure.

Christine and TIna 2

Christine Micheal and Tina 2

We wish them all the best.

Six month old Abyssinian/Bengal mix Tre’ went to live at her new Foreverhome today. Her new dad, Henry gave her a new name along with a new home. She will now be known as Harley and she couldn’t seem happier. Here is the new family as they were getting ready to leave for their new adventure.


Tuxedo Kitty Mercy met her new mom today. New mom Pam and dad Dave gave her a new Forevername…Molly. Pam and Molly seem overjoyed that they found each other.

Good luck to the new family.


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